Young Adult Fellowship 初成团契

聚会时间:每个月的第一个星期六,6:00-8:30PM (聚餐开始,每家一道肴,聚会7PM正式开始)

每季度的第一个聚会(2/7 — BBQ Night,1/10 — Steamboat Night)为 “游戏和社交之夜 Game and Social Night”



主席        :Calvin Ting
副主席    :Jerome Ha
文书        :Philip Tang
财政        :小荧

顾问         :John Chung, Rose Chew, Pastor Tim Gao



Nov 2020 Outing @ James Hoskin Reserve

2018 photo Gallery

Young family group is a Bible study group  is organised around the needs of young family.  We meet on the first Saturday of each month from 4:00PM to 7:30PM.  Usually a pot luck dinner follow suit after a feast of spiritual food.

Come and join us!  All are welcomed!

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