Prayer Ministry 祷告事工

Prayer Meeting:

Our prayer meetings are scheduled on the the First and Third Tuesday evening of the month.

Time:  8-9PM @ Centenary Uniting Church.

我们的祷告会是安排在每月的第1和第3个周二晚上8-9点在Centenary Uniting Church举行。

Prayer Meeting for Nov-Dec 2019 (十一至十二月祷告会):

05/11/2019; 19/11/2019; 03/12/2019; 17/12/2019
(click on the respective date to see the prayer points of that prayer meeting)

Weekly prayer items:

08/12/2019 这个星期代祷事项:

  1. 为佳恩堂能早日找到合适的敬拜地点祷告。求上帝让弟兄姐妹积极提供购堂的需要,在巴拉马打同心建造上帝的殿,为上帝得着这块土地,使主名得以荣耀。
  2. 为教会的经济,人数,弟兄姐妹属灵生命的成长祷告。帮助我们能建立一个合神心意的教会:常在主里,多结果子。
  3. 为纽省的火灾祷告。求神减低大火继续的蔓延。保守住在灾区的居民平安。求神兴起基督教社体积极参与赈灾支援的行列,把神的爱带给更多需要的人。

Prayer is an offering up of our desires unto God, for things agreeable to His will, in the name of Christ, with confession of our sins, and thankful acknowledgement of His mercies. Westminster Shorter Catechism.

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